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"Antiprolife" is not a name that sends the wrong message. I am against the pro-life movement and this blog exists to calmly and factually fight against the lies, hatred, stigma, and negativity they spread about abortion.

'Um stop science has proven that life begins at inception.' Anti-choicer, David Wells

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Anonymous : You should make a page for abortion facts, like after how many weeks you cant get one, when brain activity starts why its not murder. just like a quick info page.

I have a resources and references page located here! I don’t think I have all of the exact things you mentioned, but you may find similar pages that fit the subject.

Anonymous : Doesn't anyone stop to consider the idea that maybe the reason 92% of women who have an abortion have feelings of anger, guilt and depression, is because of all the stupid sausages that bombard them with hate?

I don’t think that statistic is correct - but I think a lot of pro-choicers stop and consider that, and pro-lifers probably do too. The difference is that it doesn’t matter to pro-lifers, as long as they can twist it around and make it fit their agenda.

(Also I am greatly enjoying the use of the word sausage.) 

Anonymous : this one anti-choicer at my school says she's pro-life because her mother almost aborted her but my mom almost aborted me (i was the result of an unplanned pregnancy) and that makes me more pro-choice because i'm glad she kept me because she wanted to, not because she had to.

I agree with you. Many people often say this is a reason they are pro-life, but it is the exact reason I am pro-choice.

I am not more important than my mother and her choices. She decided she wanted me (though I was unplanned as well) and wasn’t forced to have me.

Anonymous : Just a note on that post about the bogus stats about depression and suicide following an abortion; I would guess that suicide and depression following an abortion is MORE CLOSELY related to the social stigma and responses from people in close social systems to having an abortion than the actual abortion itself. I don't know why that tid-bit conveniently flies over peoples' heads and goes unmentioned.

I believe this is in reference to this post.

I would have to agree. Each and every experience with abortion is different, and different feelings can be a result of any aspect of abortion, but I do also believe the shame, stigma, bullying, and harsh words thrown around by those against abortion probably play a huge part in the hurt many people feel. 

Anonymous : I think it's anti feministic for women to reduce the unborn to creatures without human rights of their own because aren't feminists to fight for the rights of every body. I understand that feminists wants to take care of women, but in times when there are pregnancy crisis, the crisis should be eliminated. Martin Luther King Jr. Didn't murder white people, he fought for racism to be eliminated.

But we don’t even reduce fetuses to “creatures without human rights of their own.” Nobody has rights over another person’s body; giving a fetus this right would be giving it extra rights that nobody else has. 

"in times when there are pregnancy crisis, the crisis should be eliminated," is a good saying when you don’t really give much thought to it, but the fact is, sometimes the crisis is the pregnancy. You can’t eliminate someone’s poverty, their disability, their mental health, their age, or many other reasons they might need an abortion.

Anonymous : I just wanted to tell you that i admire your calm and civility and wish more social bloggers were like you, and understood that social blogging is about educating and not stirring the pot.

Thank you very much. 

Anonymous : I saw the ask about offending people who have miscarried. I don't mean to compare these people to me, or a fetus to a dog, but hear me out. We were going to adopt a dog that came to a rescue at a few days old. I was so so excited, getting everything ready and picking out a name for him. Two months later, we found out that the puppy had contracted parvo and he died soon after. I grieved for weeks. People get attached to potential. In their mind, they had a baby, and their feelings are valid.

This is in reference to this ask.

Thanks for sharing. Everyone’s experience with pregnancy loss (either through abortion or miscarriage) is different, and they are allowed to view it in whatever way is best for them. 

Being pro-choice or referring to fetuses as fetuses in a debate shouldn’t negate the personal experiences of others.

Anonymous : As someone who suffered severe depression after I terminated I can say it wasn't caused by the abortion it's self but the stigma that has always surrounded abortion. I just wanted to share.

Thank you for sharing. I am so sorry you had to suffer in this way and I sincerely hope you are better or on your way there. 

My ask box is always open if you need to talk to someone personally, and I always suggest calling Exhale to anyone who may need help.

Take care!

Anonymous : Just gonna go ahead and shamelessly favorite all of your posts because this blog is everything.

Aw, thank you! 

Why I’m against abortion.


Abortion is killing babies who would be able to be a famous doctor, etc.

Also, abortion is KILLING BABIES.

Also also, that birth defect? Might not be there!

And women go through YEARS of tragedy by aborting their babies.

And that’s not even HALF of the reasons I have.